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Be Inspired


Enjoy activities and explore the surroundings:



Stone Tree

Is a great volcanic rock carved by erosion in the form of a tree, its size and shape will leave you surprised.

  • Slide 1 Arbol de Piedra
  • Slide 2 Árbol de Piedra



Red Lagoon

Is the most important site in the region for the observation of flamingos and the coloration of their waters. Enjoy a spectacular view.

  • Slide 1 Laguna Colorada
  • Slide 2 Laguna Colorada



Small lagoons

Known as the Route of the Jewels with unreal landscapes, a succession of lagoons each one more colorful than the previous one, ancestral volcanoes and deserts that never end.

  • Slide 1 Pequeñas lagunas
  • Slide 2 Pequeñas lagunas



Siloli Desert

Is has the fame to be as beautiful as a painting by Dalí. The red sand reaches the horizon. The plain breaks in some places with giant stones with strange shapes.

  • Slide 1 Desierto de Siloli
  • Slide 2 Desierto de Siloli